Season 1 - 3

Only "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

Season 4 / 1
4.01 / 1.01
Buffy got a phone call, but the person doesnīt say anything - itīs Angel
4.03 / 1.03
Buffy took off a ring from Spike, who makes Vampires immortal. She gave it to Oz who has a gig in L.A. and should bring it to Angel
4.08/ 1.08
Angel visits Sunnydale without telling Buffy to watch over her. In the Angel episode Buffy is visiting him, telling him that she was disappointed about his secret visit. Angel gets human in this episode and both spent a wonderful time together. But than Angel realize that he canīt any longer fight and is helpless, so he askes to turn back time to be a Vampire again. In the end Buffy canīt remember anything and leaves L.A.
Buffy comes to L.A. because Faith is abscond and she finds her by Angel, who tried to help Faith becoming a good girl again... They disagree about tat fact.
Angel comes to Sunnydale to apologize for what he said and did regarding the situation with Faith. He meets Riley and both has a fight, which Buffy has to stop.


Season 5 / 2
Angel visites Buffy to comfort her, because her mother died
Willow is informing Angel about Buffy's dead.


Season 6 / 3
6.04 / 3.04
Willow calls Angel telling him that Buffy is alive. Angel calls Buffy and both leave to meet each other.
6.05 / 3.05
Buffy and Angel comes back to Sunnydale / L.A.


Season 7 / 4
Angel comes back to ask if he could help in the final fight.
Angel is given Buffy an amulet which is important in the fight against the evil.