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Welcome... my collective pure-intuition.

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You maybe think now Pure Intuition? What´s that all about?. Well it is simply a fanlisting collective of me, Rebecca! Here you can find my babies, the fanlistings I own, the fanlisting I have currently applied for or that ones who are on upcoming! When you´re surfing around this site you will also see all the fandoms I love, just have a look at my joined fanlistings :) All those fanlistings are listed at TFL, where I am also a Trouble Checker since the beginn of the year. So please feel free to look around and enjoy my littel site!

If you want to contact me for suggestions or questions, feel free to do so via this contact form. If you want to give comments on my work and my current updates, just have a look at my site updates on the end of this site and tell me what you think!

I currently own 17 fanlistings, with 0 fanlistings on upcoming. There are 3350 (+ 0 pending) total members listed with a growth rate of 1.63 fans per day. This collective has 59 lovely affiliates, so visit them!
I have joined 472 (+ 6) fanlisting.


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